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A payments perspective on the Nigerian economic boom

With Nigeria having recently eclipsed South Africa as the continent’s biggest economy, it is worth taking a look the nation’s progress from the perspective of a service which is indispensable to the modern way of life – electronic payments. And electronic payments, in turn, depend on suitable telecommunications and banking infrastructure. The pace of change in Nigeria is remarkable and, having been in the country for frequent periods around the early 2000s as part of the birth of the modern payments industry in that country, change is nowhere more noticeable than in the retail banking sector. Having recently returned there [...]

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Mobile payments: BLE, NFC now HCE… OMG!

For at least the last 5 years, it’s been the year that mobile payments are going to take off – and this year is no different. As of late last year, what started as whispers from PayPal soon became a rallying call from the likes of Apple for a new technology called ‘Bluetooth Low Energy’ or BLE. It’s got everyone in retail excited all over again about mobile, even though it’s based on technology which is over a decade old. Be that as it may, BLE promises to revolutionise the way consumers and retailers interact and not just how they [...]

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