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Outsourcing payment gateway allows company focus on core business

Traditionally, retailers and service providers have managed their own payment systems, accepting the associated resource and skills headaches as part of the territory. However, in-house management of payment switches is not always the best or most profitable route, as they cannot be assured of optimal system performance. While payment gateways keep retailers and banks in business, they are often not managed in a way that delivers optimal performance. When managed in-house, the system tends to be managed reactively rather than proactively and is heavily reliant on a limited pool of skilled resources. These are specialist skills and they are in [...]

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A payments perspective on the Nigerian economic boom

With Nigeria having recently eclipsed South Africa as the continent’s biggest economy, it is worth taking a look the nation’s progress from the perspective of a service which is indispensable to the modern way of life – electronic payments. And electronic payments, in turn, depend on suitable telecommunications and banking infrastructure. The pace of change in Nigeria is remarkable and, having been in the country for frequent periods around the early 2000s as part of the birth of the modern payments industry in that country, change is nowhere more noticeable than in the retail banking sector. Having recently returned there [...]

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Mobile payments: BLE, NFC now HCE… OMG!

For at least the last 5 years, it’s been the year that mobile payments are going to take off – and this year is no different. As of late last year, what started as whispers from PayPal soon became a rallying call from the likes of Apple for a new technology called ‘Bluetooth Low Energy’ or BLE. It’s got everyone in retail excited all over again about mobile, even though it’s based on technology which is over a decade old. Be that as it may, BLE promises to revolutionise the way consumers and retailers interact and not just how they [...]

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London calling for South Africa’s Stanchion Payment Solutions

In a further move to fulfil international demand for its products and services, South African payment solutions provider Stanchion Payment Solutions has opened a European regional office based in London. The company’s entry into the European financial services technology sector follows a year after the opening of a Middle East and North Africa regional office, based out of Dubai, in March 2013. Stanchion is a specialist company trusted to implement, manage and enhance payment systems and solutions in complex environments for banks, retailers, payment processors, and payment system vendors. Stanchion CEO Graham Williams says the latest development is a milestone [...]

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Mobile payments: BLE vs NFC isn’t a fair fight

There’s a new kid on the block in the payments environment that promises to deliver even greater convenience and practicality. It’s called ‘Bluetooth Low Energy’, or BLE, and it’s based on technology which is over a decade old. Be that as it may, BLE promises to revolutionise the way consumers and retailers interact – but only if they have the latest smartphones and retailers have tablets as point-of-sale systems. Despite the fact that BLE opens up a whole new world of exciting possibilities, it is also highly unlikely to have any sort of widespread use any time soon; instead, it [...]

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Nedbank chooses INETCO Insight for payment platform transaction monitoring

Rapidly growing South African bank leverages INETCO Insight business transaction management software to manage growing complexity in payments services and banking systems architecture INETCO Systems Limited, a leading provider of transaction monitoring and analytics software, announced that Nedbank, one of South Africa’s largest banks, has licensed the INETCO Insight business transaction management (BTM) solution. Having grown by over two million individual and small business clients over the last two years, Nedbank chose INETCO Insight to improve the bank’s operational efficiency and maintain high customer experience levels in the face of growing transaction performance complexities within their ATM and point-of-sale (POS) service channels. “Nedbank is experiencing a period of explosive growth and is investing [...]

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Don’t let the lack of a degree dampen your career prospects

Don’t have a degree? Don’t despair, says a senior manager of a company which works in the specialised field of payments technology. Instead, if you have drive, determination and a willingness to go the extra mile, you could find your career advancing very well – and sometimes in a direction you might least expect. That’s the view of Liam McDermott of Stanchion Payment Solutions. “There is no question of the value of a university degree, but many people simply don’t get that opportunity once they’ve left school. By no means does this diminish your career prospects – but you might [...]

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Grads: With your studies done, here’s how to secure your place in the working world

While graduation is a time for celebration, it also marks the point at which you need to take the education you’ve earned and put it to good use in the working world. But are you equipped to get the edge in a highly competitive market? Liam Mc Dermott, head of skills development at Stanchion Payment Solutions, offers some tips and insights to help you impress potential employers and get your start in a rewarding career. “Probably the most important thing for any recent graduate is acceptance that you’re not going to step into a golden opportunity just like that. Instead, [...]

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What makes a great software developer?

Software development is an enticing career, made the more so by the popular fascination that has come with the consumerisation of technology. But just what does it take to be a top software developer? The first thing to note is that software development is not for everyone; only a very select few have the right profile to do it well (and equally importantly, to love doing it). To get an idea, of a thousand-odd people who applied for an intensive software development course, only around 60 got in and just 30 graduated. And it’s not necessarily the abilities you might [...]

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