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Operational Management in the Payments Industry

From fighting fires to optimising service delivery - Under pressure from new regulations, growing customer demands, and imperatives to reduce costs, payment companies face the challenge of streamlining operational management. It’s no longer enough for their IT and operations teams to respond quickly to problems and issues - they also need to drive continuous improvement of operational environments. To get this right, operational management solutions must enable teams to efficiently coordinate their efforts. By introducing a structured framework, the IT and operations team can bring increased discipline to the management of complex service level agreements. An effective operational management platform [...]

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Monitoring your Active/Active payments environment

You are an IT operations person working for a major bank, card service or payment processing company. Any lag or downtime within your payment processing system is unacceptable, so you go through great lengths to install an active/active environment to re-route transactions should a bottleneck or failed switch occur in your payments environment. You have now solved the problem of controlling unplanned downtime, right?  Sort of… Sometimes in the process of solving one problem, we inadvertently create new ones. In the scenario we have just walked through, it is safe to say you have eliminated potential bottlenecks and downtime issues due to [...]

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