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Graham WilliamsGraham Williams’ view of the world of payments

Since winning our first piece of business in the United States in August, Stanchion now operates across four incredibly diverse markets – the Americas, Africa, Europe, APAC and the Middle East.

The trends and challenges faced by aggregators, banks and retailers across these markets look different at first, but dig a bit and you find they are remarkably similar.

One common factor is that disruption is primarily forced by outside influences, such as changes in government, industry and card association regulations as seen with EMV migration in the US, the move to P2PE in Europe or the rising adoption of self-service and Islamic banking in the Middle East. While assisting our customers with these strategic engagements, we realized that implementing these enhancements was taxing enough, without them having to also worry about the day-to-day stability of the payments system.

This is why we have introduced Gyrus Ops, a payments system management tool, to our set of offerings. It provides greater visibility of the payment system resources (devices, servers, people etc) and how they are being deployed, meaning that companies can optimise the total environment and associated processes to deliver increased costs savings and performance.

We are seeing clients all over the world moving towards management solutions like Gyrus, which free them up to focus on strategic projects, enhancements and business issues.

In this newsletter you can read more about Gyrus, learn about how the changes to Postilion Office v.5 might affect you and how to monitor Active/ Active environment without system impact.

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