Operational Management in the Payments Industry

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From fighting fires to optimising service delivery –

Under pressure from new regulations, growing customer demands, and imperatives to reduce costs, payment companies face the challenge of streamlining operational management.

It’s no longer enough for their IT and operations teams to respond quickly to problems and issues – they also need to drive continuous improvement of operational environments.

To get this right, operational management solutions must enable teams to efficiently coordinate their efforts. By introducing a structured framework, the IT and operations team can bring increased discipline to the management of complex service level agreements.

An effective operational management platform helps companies proactively manage the many inter-dependencies within the payments environment that contribute to the delivery of service level agreements. These dependencies range from business objectives and customer contracts to hardware,
software and business processes.

Gyrus Ops, a new operational management platform from Stanchion, enables payments companies to create a blueprint of their environment by mapping and linking dependencies and relationships across the many dimensions of the payments environment from business agreements and work force processes to IT estate.

Gyrus Ops builds a bridge between operations and the business, introducing structure to processes and services while bringing transparency to the tracking of service level agreements. It enables operational teams to shift from reactively managing crises to proactively measuring and continuously improving processes and service levels.

To learn more about Gyrus Ops – visit www.gyrusonline.com or email info@gyrusonline.com

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