Postilion Office v5 – what to consider

ACI Worldwide released a significant upgrade to their Postilion Office in July this year. Our tech team investigated it and here are their headline thoughts.

Performance is up

Firstly, it’s a big upgrade so it comes with some significant improvements, but these come with the need for no less significant infrastructure upgrades. But before you think about the potential costs, let’s look at the ultimate benefit: performance.
With massive payments environments such as retail banking or large retailers, there is always so much backlog that it can be almost impossible to find time to run a new process, conduct routine maintenance or easily manage a system failure. There are simply not enough hours in the day to manage a backlog.

ACI spent a great deal of time improving the performance. As we know, a few minutes can make a massive difference in our space.

At its essence, Office v5 gives people more time – more hours in the day to ensure the smooth running of the system meaning less failure and faster recovery. The improved efficiency also creates space for more processes to be executed.

Infrastructure is up

The improved performance means a migration to new servers and will require a structured and fully managed upgrade journey. Not investing in the infrastructure will limit the performance benefits so it’s critical to do a full evaluation of current and required infrastructure to get the full value of the Office v5.

Recommendation is ‘check it out’

As with all technology investments you need to make sure the benefit is worth the investment. We can work with you to quantify the impact of Office v5 on your payments environment so that you can make the right, informed decision.

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