Upcoming Webinar: 3 Ways to Improve Early Warning Fraud Detection at the ATM

Join Stanchion & INETCO on November 28th at 4pm SAST/ 9am EST Are you ready to combat the next generation of advanced persistent threats? Following a major data security breach, one of the largest financial services groups in Africa asked for help in architecting and implementing a stronger first line of defense against fraud at ATMs. They required a reliable early warning system that could act as a safety net, providing immediate alerts of irregular transactions that were bypassing the usual authentication and fraud detection methods in payments systems. Learn how an early warning fraud solution can help. Join Stanchion [...]

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Transaction monitoring – who is watching the watchers?

Finding out how to monitor active/active environments without letting the tech get in the way Steve Kirrage, Director of Stanchion Payment Solutions, Middle East. Ask any financial IT operations team what their number one headache is, and the answer is likely to be unplanned downtime. Reducing downtime is easily a top priority for IT professionals working for banks, card services and payment processing companies, where any lag or downtime within the payments processing system is unacceptable. The challenge is that payment systems are getting more complex, rather than simpler which means ensuring large credit card and debit transactions are processed, [...]

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