ROLE DEFINITION: To lead the growth, development and execution of Stanchion’s SwitchCare business unit with the aim of creating a significant portfolio of products for the market to deliver service, value and to continuously enhance the offering to ensure alignment with the overall goals of the business.


KEY ACCOUNTABILITY 1: PURPOSE, VALUES, CULTURE: ensuring that the SwitchCare Team understands and is committed to the SPS purpose and values.

Some examples of tasks

  • Facilitate an authentic commitment to the Purpose & Values
  • Develop & sustain a healthy, values-driven culture
  • Ensure ongoing communication & engagement
  • Morale
  • Commitment
  • Alignment
  • Culture
  • Values aligned behaviours

KEY ACCOUNTABILITY 2: STRATEGY: developing, continuously refreshing and delivering a SwitchCare Strategy that supports the overall strategic transformation of SPS towards a business model that is competitive and sustainable.

Some examples of tasks

  • Develop and communicate a challenging and inspiring BHAG
  • Ensure that all key stakeholders are informed and aligned
  • Create clear short, medium & long-term roadmaps
  • Maximise revenue growth from the SwitchCare product set
  • Sustain Services performance and profitability
  • Deliver transparency of the strategy through objectives and metrics with associated data that is well coordinated and trusted by everyone in the organization (roadmap)
  • Create an “Operational Excellence” mindset across the whole organization by defining SwitchCare vision statements and evangelizing the message across all departments
  • Brand perceptions
  • Client satisfaction & perceptions
  • Proportionate market penetration
  • SwitchCare suite performance & profitability

KEY ACCOUNTABILITY 3: SWITCHCARE OPERATIONS: ensuring that operations deliver client satisfaction and positively reflects the Brand, values and standards consistently.

Some examples of tasks

  • Ensure that the SwitchCare lifecycle is effectively & efficiently managed though all stages i.e. conception, plan, development, iteration, launch, steady state, maintenance and kill)
  • Co-ordinate the required resources and communicate with the required stakeholders while managing metrics that directly influence an efficient and quality build and generating the required services revenue as a result of high customer satisfaction
  • Provide role clarity, expectation management and ongoing performance feedback
  • Ensure that SwitchCare processes, tools and systems represent best global practice
  • Ensure that facilities, equipment, tools, systems, security and physical environment is conducive to optimum performance
  • Constantly review existing and potential new partnerships with a view on extracting maximum value out of 3rd parties (in a sustainable and mutually beneficial manner)
  • Ensure that quality standards and measures are well understood and adhered to
  • Identify opportunities and execute continuous improvement (innovation)
  • Refresh and develop a profitable, world class fintech SwitchCare Capability to support the economic transformation of SPS
  • Optimise synergies, cost efficiencies, appropriate institutionalization of services (SOP’s) processes across various regional businesses
  • Quality & consistency of delivery
  • Customer experience & feedback
  • SwitchCare cost control & loss management
  • P&L for SwitchCare

KEY ACCOUNTABILITY 4: CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: ensuring that there is sound business/corporate governance in place and that risks to the sustainability of the Business are mitigated.

Some examples of tasks

  • Ensure the efficacy of an efficient, effective disaster recovery plan
  • Ensure that the necessary legislative requirements are adhered to
  • Legislative compliance
  • isaster recovery plan
  • Internal governance structures & SOP’s
  • Quality of delivery, consistency

KEY ACCOUNTABILITY 5: PEOPLE: ensuring that Employees are engaged and that performance and productivity is optimized.

Some examples of tasks

  • Implement the appropriate structure to deliver on the strategy
  • Drive the effective utilization of the Engagement Framework
  • Values, Culture, Leadership
  • Learning & development
  • Ensure that SwitchCare Managers/Specialists take full accountability for the services suite they represent including inter alia P&L of their services suite, target market, relevant Value Proposition, budget and targeted IR, go to market strategy & marketing strategy, sales & operational enablement, etc
  • Build strong technical SwitchCare teams by growing existing talent and recruiting experts on an ongoing basis
  • Employee Engagement
  • Retention
  • Talent management & succession
  • Performance & productivity
  • Efficacy of Engagement Framework
  • Morale

KEY ACCOUNTABILITY 6: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: ensuring that the key financial indicators reflect good business health, growth, balance & sustainability (facilitate appropriate corrective action where this is not the case)

Some examples of tasks

  • Set financial performance parameters
  • Manage DevEx & Capex requirements
  • Deliver the Group EBITDA% as agreed for the financial year
  • Deliver per the agreed IRR KPI for the Stanchion SwitchCare division in the financial year
  • Deliver the Margin on SwitchCare in line with agreed KPIs in the financial year

KEY ACCOUNTABILITY 7: SALES & MARKETING: developing Brand presence, and growing market share, acquisition of new clients, retention of existing clients and the maximization of their spend

Some examples of tasks

  • Develop and deliver a SwitchCare Marketing Strategy
  • Develop and deliver a Sales Strategy for existing and new services
  • Brand management & PR
  • Actively track market changes and feed information back into Sales and Services teams.
  • Maximise sales and sustainable growth
  • Meet Revenue targets by supporting and collaborating with the global Sales & Marketing functions and manage SwitchCare costs according to budgets
  • Market share growth
  • SwitchCare profitability
  • Income stream growth
  • Customer retention
  • Customer base growth

(skills, knowledge, abilities, attributes and behaviours that are required to do this specific job well)

(behaviours that enhance the desired culture and values and the pursuit of the core purpose of the business)

  • Values
    • Mutual trust and respect
    • Commitment & sense of accountability
    • Learning & solutions orientation
  • Leadership and relationship behaviours
    • Business and commercial acumen
    • Ability to inspire optimistic, positive energy
    • Capacity to collaborate, integrate & facilitate teamwork
    • Self-monitoring, personal management, self-discipline (EQ)
    • Learning agility & adaptability
    • Patience, endurance & tenacity
    • Sense of personal accountability & internal locus of control
    • Assertive and warm (not aggressive)
    • Ability to deal with conflict constructively

(specific technical, functional and professional skills, knowledge, abilities, attributes and aptitudes that are required to be able to do this particular job well relative to the delivery of the Main Purpose and Key Accountabilities)

  • Technical and professional understanding of FinTech, Banking, Retail & Trading
  • Operational experience in managing Enterprise Payment Systems
  • Experience in the deployment and management of cloud-based solutions
  • Strong global Payments Sector knowledge & insight
  • Financial and Business Management competencies
  • Ability to network, build and sustain procurement, client, strategic alliance, supplier and peer relationships
  • Ability to think and act strategically and systemically, whilst managing operationally
  • Ability to think and inspire creativity, innovation and solution thinking
  • Operational management skills applied systematically, methodically and consistently
  • Sales and Marketing competencies
  • Verbal & written communication
  • Coaching and facilitation skills to enable learning, competence development and positive energy
  • Client relationship management competencies
  • Negotiation skills
  • Global perspective & insight into the global fintech & payment processing environments

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