Digital Payments Platform – Verto

The global payment market is currently seeing a level of disruption unlike anything the world has seen before. New technologies are introduced at an unprecedented pace and many organisations struggle to move fast enough to exploit new revenue and cost-saving opportunities, which include those related to new payment methods, ongoing industry initiatives and increased customer expectations.

Many organisations find introducing new technology to be a time-consuming and cost-prohibitive process, especially in finely tuned real-time transaction processing environments. Existing payment switch architectures are designed to be secure and are built for high-volume throughput at scale. However, they’re often not designed with innovation and frequent changes in mind.

Stanchion’s Verto aims to address this problem of accommodating frequent changes in inflexible environments. Verto is a digital payments integration platform that enables agility in system integration projects, supports innovation and delivers off-the-shelf payment solutions. The primary goal is to simplify and fast-track new payment initiatives.

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