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Integrating, Managing and Securing Payments for Banks

The banking industry is experiencing a period of disruption and rapid change where new technologies are emerging and customers are looking for digital solutions that offer easy, seamless and secure ways to bank.

Within this new digital paradigm, banks need to consider how to introduce and optimise new technologies, while keeping focus on key metrics such as security, data and customer service.

Stanchion has extensive experience in banking and can support a digital omni-channel payments strategy with a range of real-time transaction monitoring, analytics and data forwarding solutions.

Platform functionality enhancements

Card scheme mandate compliance

Encryption key management

Early warning fraud detection

ATM cash monitoring



Specialist Payment Solutions for Retailers

The retail industry is evolving. As digital technology becomes part of our everyday lives, consumers expect a retail experience that meets their new digital lifestyle. This includes creating an easy and seamless payments experience.

Retailers are striving to make payment all but invisible in a frictionless way that meets both customer and business demands. This means ensuring high uptime on all payments systems and creating a safe and secure payments environment.

Stanchion can provide the specialist skills needed to create a stable payments environment that is secure and seamless with real-time visibility.

Platform performance management

Payments data analysis

P2P encryption

Software component deployment

Platform testing



Making Sense of Complex Payments Environments

Payments processors have to keep up with the latest trends and developments in payments to ensure that they offer cutting-edge solutions.

Third-party payments processors have to manage complex environments while ensuring security, speed and authentication. This requires specialist skills and insight to ensure a seamless payments experience.

Stanchion can help payments processors to improve service delivery and consistency by providing control and insight over the payments environment as well as keeping clients abreast of changing regulatory and compliance requirements across the industry. Stanchion also provides specialist skills across a diverse set of payments-related data and systems.

Payments system integration

Payments card analytics

Card and merchant management

Transaction reconciliation

Application performance monitoring


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