Protect Yourself Against “Cyber-Covid#19” Attacks

Cybersecurity threats are continually rising. The recent pandemic caused by Covid-19 has further accelerated the opportunity for criminals to hunt for weaknesses and commercial opportunity. In March 2020, numerous experts reported a 1,500% year on year increase in the threat attack landscape. Payment with supporting Customer Data, along with HealthCare Data, remain the two top priorities for criminals to exploit for commercial gain. Stanchion, working with SwissWebAcademy, BlockAPT and the United Nations CyberSecurity team, are delighted to bring you the English language version of this special edition 78-page CyberSecurity Trends, which you can download a free copy of here. CyberSecurity [...]

May 20th, 2020|

Stanchion Payment Solutions appoints Kevin Blackwell as MD for the Middle East

Stanchion Payment Solutions, a global specialist in payments systems and integration, has appointed Kevin Blackwell as its new managing director for the Middle East. Kevin replaces Steven Kirrage, who was appointed as Stanchion's global CEO in March this year. Based in Dubai, Kevin will lead Stanchion's growth in the strategically important Middle East territory. He joined Stanchion in 2017 as Business Development Director and has a deep understanding of the payments industry and the Middle East region. Before joining Stanchion, Kevin was programme director at Ericsson in Dubai. Kirrage says: "Kevin has deep insight into our customers' businesses, the Middle [...]

May 7th, 2020|

Steven Kirrage appointed as CEO at Stanchion Payment Solutions

Stanchion Payment Solutions, a global specialist in payments systems and integration, has announced that it has appointed Steven Kirrage as its global CEO with effect from the 16th March 2020. Graham Williams, the outgoing CEO, will assume the position of Chairman and will continue to provide strategic guidance to the board. Based in Dubai, Kirrage is currently a director at Stanchion. He has been with the company for more than seven years and has three decades of retail and payments industry experience. Before joining Stanchion, Kirrage held the positions of Divisional General Manager - Middle East & India and Sales [...]

Apr 8th, 2020|

How the Chinese Tourism Boom Will Change Payments, Creating Winners and Losers

Whilst the biggest world travellers in volume are still Europeans, the emerging markets led by China are spearheading a new long-term trend in travel, and the numbers are big. For 2017, the United Nations World Travel Organisation (UNWTO) recorded 1.3 billion tourist arrivals globally, of which 75% were holiday travellers and 25% for business. The 7% increase from 2016 was the highest annual growth since 2010. Tourists spent US$1.3 trillion, representing an average of US$1,000 per head making it one of the largest retail categories. Download our white paper: "How the Chinese Tourism Boom Will Change Payments, Creating Winners [...]

Jul 22nd, 2019|

How to Stay Better Protected Against Payment Security Hacks

A breach is expensive. Averages suggest the cost represents 10% of your annual revenue with the average reported breach now costing US$1.6m (source: Radware) and rising fast. Add to this any regulatory fines, lost time, brand impact, lost customers and headache. The impact can run from a week to a couple of months, event dependent. Your annual budget will be impacted, enterprises pay an average of US$200k to external parties to troubleshoot the crisis and your life in the boardroom will be forever changed. A lack of visibility will no longer be tolerated as an acceptable response. Both the UK [...]

Jul 21st, 2019|

Stanchion Appoints Norman Frankel as MD for Europe

Stanchion, a leading payments fintech solutions company, has appointed Norman Frankel, as Managing Director for Europe and the UK bringing significant payment industry experience with him. Frankel, who will be based in the UK office, will help Stanchion to unlock growth opportunities across the region and to refine its offering for the European market. Frankel has more than 25 years of experience in the payments industry, with deep expertise in digital and Customer-Not-Present (CNP) channels. As the founder and CEO of Mi-Pay, Frankel led a successful prepay CNP business to a listing on the London AIM Stock Exchange and to [...]

Apr 9th, 2019|

Transaction monitoring – who is watching the watchers?

Finding out how to monitor active/active environments without letting the tech get in the way  ~ Steve Kirrage, Director of Stanchion Payment Solutions, Middle East. Ask any financial IT operations team what their number one headache is, and the answer is likely to be unplanned downtime. Reducing downtime is easily a top priority for IT professionals working for banks, card services and payment processing companies, where any lag or downtime within the payments processing system is unacceptable. The challenge is that payment systems are getting more complex, rather than simpler which means ensuring large credit card and debit transactions are [...]

Apr 10th, 2018|