Enterprise Intelligent Automation Cyber Defence Platform

Automated attacks are now commonplace in our infrastructure and very hard to discover within applications. Automated defence is the only way to neutralise the growing risks, especially with technical security expertise in short supply. Learn how you can use automation to gain competitive advantage, reduce risk and save cost.

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Collaborative Compliance

With regulations and compliance growing rapidly, internal processes have not kept apace. Manual tools are used surprisingly often and introduce latency and risks of their own, whilst staff are often poorly trained in basic knowledge to help keep your company safe. Find out how to improve your annual compliance processes by up to 30% and how cloud based training in cyber-security good practices can help you create an effective human defence shield.

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Stanchion Payments Framework

Stanchion Payments Framework (SPF) provides the basis for an agile payment architecture and rapid, cost-effective Digital Payments and Business Service enablement.

SPF is ideal for introducing the latest digital business initiatives into overly complex, unstable or legacy environments. It is being used to introduce new and/or peripheral functionality to complement current payments capability, utilising new or existing open APIs. As the lightweight and flexible design is switch and system agnostic, it provides a quick and easy interface into Payments environments that can be consumed by modern web applications, with little or no switch impact.

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