Operational Review & Health-Check Audit Services

Together with carefully selected specialist partners, Stanchion offers a portfolio of operational review and health-check audit services for companies that manage payment systems, payment switches or security vendor infrastructures within their operations. This paper explores the benefits of running regular independent health checks in your IT environment. It also describes the scope of Stanchion’s services and how they can help you to improve your operational efficiencies and to expose risks to continuity.

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Postilion Training

Stanchion has a well-established track record in consulting and implementation engagements on the Postilion payments suite. We leverage this experience to offer instructor-led practical training on the platform for your Postilion developers and operators. This brochure provides details about our Postilion Basic Training and Postilion Advanced Training as well as our bespoke Postilion coaching services.

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Professional Services

Stanchion provides operational services to leading payments companies around the world, including on-site and remote development and support. These services help companies to increase efficiency, reduce risk and add value in their technology environments. Read this paper for an overview of the professional services Stanchion can offer, the profile of our experts in the Postilion platform, our engagement model, and our development and implementation process.

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