Our Partners

Integrate • Automate • Optimise • Secure

Integrate • Automate • Optimise • Secure

Stanchion continuously looks for industry-leading partners to complement and augment its solutions to meet customer demand in a fast-changing environment.

Security plays a key role in most of Stanchion’s offerings, and Futurex provides the required data encryption, fraud protection, financial and general purpose encryption solutions. In partnership since 2013, the Stanchion and Futurex relationship has gone from strength to strength, given the importance of security in the payments world.

Stanchion’s partnership with INETCO gives customers access to industry-leading payment analytics and fraud technology. Simplified payment data acquisition, allowing SPOG visualisation across multi-channel banking and payments environments, is an essential part of Stanchion’s focus and is available through this offering. In addition, the partnership allows Stanchion to deliver a unique fraud solution that combines an application layer firewall with a real-time payment fraud detection and blocking system.

In payment environments where near real-time disaster recovery is required (instead of instantaneous failover), Stanchion offers a niche Application-Aware Business Continuity solution. The Neverfail technology stack provides the automated resiliency, instant failover, and proactive protection needed by Stanchion to create a world-class solution.

Stanchion is continuously looking for opportunities to increase productivity and efficiency. Paragon’s portfolio of testing solutions delivers the features, flexibility, and control required by Stanchion to help customers improve time to market for new products and services, expand test coverage, and enhance quality.

The fast pace of change in the payment industry requires constant innovation and the ability to adapt to changing customer requirements. In phos, Stanchion found a partner on the leading edge of delivering new technology to merchants. Combining the phos SoftPOS solution with Stanchion’s payments integration capability created a strong value proposition in the payment acceptance domain.