How to Solve Payment Industry Challenges to Stay Ahead of the Game

This webinar series, hosted by Stanchion, a globally recognised PayTech solutions provider serving over 100 banks and payment processors across 30 markets, is designed for executives in the banking and fintech industries. The event’s focus is to delve into the 5 major payment challenges and provide practical solutions to overcome them.

With the fast-paced developments in regulation, compliance, security, technology, and innovation in payments over the last five years, combined with post-pandemic trends, digital transformation and customer adoption have gained even more momentum. To stay ahead of the curve and maintain market share while keeping costs under control, banks and fintechs must embrace digitalisation and drive agile innovation.

Join us in a 7-part series you can watch at your own pace, as we explore how leading clients are adapting to the ever-evolving payments landscape and unlocking new revenue streams to remain competitive.

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PART 2: ISO20022 Payments Deep Dive

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Let Stanchion help your business grow and innovate as we guide you through your digital payment journey.

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