Cybersecurity threats are continually rising. The recent pandemic caused by Covid-19 has further accelerated the opportunity for criminals to hunt for weaknesses and commercial opportunity. In March 2020, numerous experts reported a 1,500% year on year increase in the threat attack landscape. Payment with supporting Customer Data, along with HealthCare Data, remain the two top priorities for criminals to exploit for commercial gain.

Stanchion, working with SwissWebAcademy, BlockAPT and the United Nations CyberSecurity team, are delighted to bring you the English language version of this special edition 78-page CyberSecurity Trends, which you can download a free copy of here.

CyberSecurity Trends is a quarterly magazine comprised of articles from international authors and experts, published in English, French, Italian and Romanian. There are three international conferences held annually. More details in the magazine.

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