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Operational monitoring and support of payments platforms

Payments Operations Management

Stanchion’s payment management service includes the monitoring, support and performance optimisation of your payment applications. Stanchion provides monitoring tools, support processes and structured frameworks in support of payments systems and environments.

Operations Management: Payment System Support

The breadth and depth of our Operations Management helps our clients shift from reactively responding to problems to proactivity managing and optimising the payments environment thereby reducing risk.


Environment Monitoring – Full blackbox monitoring of your payments environment to ensure system health and stability as well as optimal availability and performance.

Management Support – Scheme and configurations management, as well as maintenance and performance management, and compliance monitoring.

Operations Management Services: Consulting

Stanchion partners with you to consult on current operations. We will embed resources in your current operations to conduct training and establish and improve processes and procedures.


Best Practice Reviews – We will consuct a payment baseline and review your management processes to ensure you are aligned with industry best practices.

Target Operating Model Design – We will assist with designing your optimal payment management operating model to support your key business objectives.

Transition Implementation – Stanchion can guide your transition to an enhanced payments management model.

Partner Roadmap – We will help you develop a payments partner roadmap that will align with your overall business strategy and supplier strategy.

Stanchion has provided Payment Support Services to a number of clients globally.

Whether you need system-wide monitoring or proactive management, Stanchion’s payments environment monitoring and operational support will ensure that your payments system is functioning optimally and is aligned with the broader business and strategy and objective.

Stanchion is platform agnostic and can help with all of your payments system needs. As a teaming partner to ACI, Stanchion also has specialist skills and capability available for all facets of your Postilion and UPF environments.

We use the latest technologies, methodologies and standards including Agile, PMBOK and ITIL to ensure that our clients get the best possible service.

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