Integrate • Automate • Optimise • Secure

Integrate • Automate • Optimise • Secure

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Ensuring predictable service delivery by proactively monitoring,
managing and maintaining Payment Switch environments

Stanchion’s global SwitchCare team identifies the specific areas where Payment Switch operational maturity is needed and fills the gap with specialised skills, sustainable processes and best-of-breed tools, effectively and efficiently helping organisations manage operational risk.

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Business benefits at a glance:

  • Immediate pressure relief for overburdened teams

  • Long-term cost savings through greater efficiency

  • Preserve valuable institutional knowledge

  • Access global operational management expertise

  • Eliminate ‘key man’ risks

SwitchCare Specialised Services

Service Components:

  • Flexible services to augment any operational team, irrespective of payment technology stack
  • Payment expertise in key areas of System Administration, Maintenance and Monitoring

  • Global reach through the use of cloud technology and remote work model

  • Access to best-of-breed operational tools

  • Always-On capabilities with both system-automated and operator checks

  • Accurate, consistent and timely reporting on operational management activities

SwitchCare Foundational Services
“Always-on” 24x7x365 Services


Transaction processing platforms require operational discipline, specialised knowledge and significant experience to ensure a high-quality service is consistently and predictably delivered.

Stanchion’s SwitchCare offering combines all these critical components with best-of-breed tools and a structured approach to unlock real operational efficiency in a sustainable manner, while allowing the management of operational risk.

In addition, Stanchion adapts to the customer’s specific needs, and the strengths and vulnerabilities in each operational environment dictate the structure of each engagement. The focus is truly on augmentation rather than replacement.

Stanchion’s access to global operational management expertise across the banking, retail and payment processing sectors serves as the foundation to create this world-class service.

Use Cases:

Transaction Switch

Combining specialised monitoring tools and proven processes with global operational teams that specialise in payment processing technology, the base SwitchCare solution focuses on lowering the risks associated with business-as-usual operational tasks. The main focus is on augmenting existing teams and allowing organisations to deliver a high-quality service by operating in a sustainable and predictable manner.


Industry-specific solution in the data encryption, fraud protection, financial and general purpose encryption domain. Over and above best-of-breed Hardware Security Devices and related Software components, Stanchion also offers tailored monitoring and proactive support of the security environment, as well as access to security experts who can assist with future planning and scoping exercises.

Transactional Data

In order to extract additional business value out of transactional data, Stanchion offers access to cloud-based payment analytics tools and business intelligence streaming. This offering is based on a proven and payment-specific technology stack and is focused on simplified payment data acquisition and SPOG visualisation across multi-channel banking and payments environments.

High Availability

In payment environments where near real-time disaster recovery is required (instead of instantaneous failover), Stanchion offers a niche Application-Aware Business Continuity solution. The offering is unique in its simplicity and is wrapped in a 24x7x365 monitoring and preventative maintenance package, delivering a safety net that customers can trust.

Digital Enablement Services

In a world where innovation and time-to-market are key, Stanchion also provides a Payment Application Server (based on Verto technology) where new functionality can be added to legacy systems while minimising the changes to the existing environment. Given the fully outsourced nature of this offering, it allows for easy and quick adoption.

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