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Stanchion’s SwitchCare is a proactive, always-on, operational managed service for payment switches that helps clients optimise customer experience through continual system health checks, automated processes and a team of highly experienced payments experts which allows SwitchCare to deliver operational efficiency and assurance. This custom, outsourced managed service portfolio augments the organisation’s processes and staff, contributing to the smooth running of the technical payment’s operation.


SwitchCare managed service provides assurance. It is safe, secure, and reliable, and is capable of managing complex payment applications using our highly experienced operations teams and automation tools to monitor, maintain, and enhance your payments infrastructure.

SwitchCare delivers great value for payment operations teams, especially those who manage complex applications, experience monitoring data overload, and have key man risk or knowledge gaps.

Ongoing system health checks. The service delivers continuous system health improvements and operational effectiveness, based on aggregated data-driven insights, by providing access to payment-specific automation and skills augmentation solutions, which:

  • rapidly solves critical impactful events;
  • curbs rapidly rising cost growth;
  • removes operational risk and gives peace of mind; and
  • enables teams to focus on delivering exceptional quality of service experiences.

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