Powering Payments Change Today
to Meet Tomorrow’s Needs



Stanchion’s Verto solution accelerates payments innovation to enable agile change and rapid integration in fast-changing payment environments by providing an augmentation technology platform. Verto technology combines frameworks, toolkits, building blocks and accelerators to specifically meet future-facing companies’ needs.


Verto simplifies complex integrations to enable innovative services and rapid deployment of new functionality, while orchestrating overlay services with an existing ecosystem of accelerators and 3rd-party integration points, thus delivering new revenue streams, and enhancing customer experience.

Verto wraps mission-critical infrastructure through API-based payment rails to modernise and extend the life and value of the existing core systems, thus removing risk whilst enabling innovation.

Verto makes iterative deployment of payment change easier, faster, and less expensive. It reduces risk to shift business control back to the payment organisation and away from difficult to change applications, offering seamless orchestration for digital transformation projects.

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