Stanchion’s comprehensive SwitchCare offering ensures your Payments Switch is managed optimally, complementing your operational team with expert knowledge, skills and best-of-breed tools.

Most payment processing companies have a transaction switching platform at the heart of their operational infrastructures. Irrespective of the technology stack, it is a mission-critical system that requires operational discipline and specialised knowledge to ensure high-quality service is guaranteed over the long term. However, all too often a shortage of the right skills, inadequate tools and an unstructured approach jeopardise an organisation’s ability to meet its own high standards. This impact is frequently not visible immediately, but rather manifests as seemingly one-off incidents impacting on online transaction processing, back office processes, security systems and disaster recovery capabilities. Left unattended though, the problems become more frequent and more severe, until eventually the service degradation has a real and long-lasting effect on customer satisfaction and, ultimately, profitability.

The good news is that the solution to the challenge does not necessarily require the replacement of existing operational teams and processes, but rather the introduction of complementary services and tools. By identifying the specific areas where improvement is needed and filling the gaps with specialised skills and tools, operational risk can be managed effectively and efficiently.

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