Integrate • Automate • Optimise • Secure

Integrate • Automate • Optimise • Secure

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Verto is a digital payments application server that provides payment
digitisation building blocks, allowing the creation of new
payment solutions while minimising the impact on existing systems.

Verto’s goal is to fast-track and future-proof your payment digitisation journey by providing a library of off-the-shelf payments applications, removing time-consuming and costly development efforts.

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Business benefits at a glance:

  • Reduces operational risk by minimising impact on existing systems
  • Packaged with managed services allowing for easy adoption

  • Growing library of off-the-shelf applications, unlocking additional value

  • Easy deployment options, including on premises and cloud

  • Faster time to market and reduced development costs

  • Tailored for building APIs and exposing web services

  • Compatible with any payments switch technology stack

  • Creates a future-proof environment by allowing systematic extensions and modifications

  • Market proven across multiple regions

  • Applicable across all industry sectors, including retail banks, merchants and payment processors

Verto in the Enterprise Architecture


Verto is Stanchion’s Digital Enablement Payment Application Server. It consists of a library of payment components that connects traditional payment rails with new digital channels, allowing organisations to reduce the risk inherent in any digitisation journey. The risk reduction stems from Verto’s ability to minimise the change to existing (often legacy) systems. In addition, Verto includes a library of off-the-shelf applications targeted at specific payment solutions, including new payment methods like QR Codes.

Importantly, Verto also creates a future-proof environment by allowing systematic extensions and modifications after its initial deployment. Owing to regulatory requirements and a constantly changing competitive landscape, the ability to quickly and cost-effectively adapt is a key benefit.

Because Verto is payments switch technology stack agnostic, it can complement and augment any payments switch environment. It is also possible to deploy Verto in non-traditional payments environments where the concept of a transaction switch does not exist (eg e-Commerce environments).

Verto was built with use-case flexibility in mind, meaning that it could, for example, be used as a channel aggregator, exposing payments functionality through web services or as a specific point-solution for a business requirement.

In terms of deployment, the same flexibility exists with both cloud and on-prem options available to users. Stanchion includes an optional Managed Services offering in order to minimise the operational impact of deploying a new solution and to ensure a high quality of service delivery.

Combining Stanchion’s high-level of global payments expertise with the Verto technology stack creates the perfect solution for any organisation embarking or continuing on its payment digitisation journey.

Use Cases:

  • Token Life-cycle Management
  • QR Wallet Payment Enablement

  • ePIN Management

  • One-time PIN Management

  • Real-Time Customer Interaction (Notification, AccountCard Control)

  • API Gateway

  • Phos (soft POS application)

  • ATM Remote Key Delivery

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