FutureX is a leader in the data security and electronic transaction industries. Over the past 30 years it has reliably offered solutions for the secure encryption, storage and transmission of sensitive data. Remote management significantly reduces the cost and complexity of configuring, monitoring and optimising of key devices.

Stanchion has the skills, information, tools and relationships necessary to represent, sell, train and support FutureX devices, which handle all cryptographic processes, from key management and transaction processing to secure storage and data encryption.

Solutions include:

  • Hardware Security Modules for secure, reliable data encryption, information management and key generation
  • Remote key management and injection platforms
  • Certificate Authority issuance and management
  • Secure, hand-held devices for configuration, management, and compliant key loading
  • High availability solutions for load balancing, monitoring, and disaster recovery
  • Secure storage and access of sensitive data

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